Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fully Friends and Family Fun Day.

I needed a well deserved break from spending all of my waking hours making Montessori materials, setting up the school area and studying the presentations. So A-girl and I spent some quality time in the kitchen whipping up some healthy raw treats.
First we made raw lemon shortbread cookies and being the Montessori mom that I am I couldn't resist offering the numeral cookie cutters for use. I'd ask A. to find certain numerals and she didn't balk at doing this since it was incorporated into a fun activity.
We'll be eating numerals in no time!
(well actually they have to dehydrate for 8 hours!)
A. put some oat grain in our super duper blender to grind into flour. That went into a big bowl and then she put some almonds into the blender to grind... and that went into the bowl. Then some coconut flour, some melted coconut butter, fresh lemon juice and some agave syrup. Little hands mixed well and tasted too many times! I kneaded the dough and then we got rolling.
There were some major motor skills involved
in trying to roll out the slightly tough dough.
Cutting out the numerals.
Last step, put on the dehydrator trays
and into the dehydrator to crisp up until tomorrow.
Now I will inevitably hear "when will they be done Mommy?" every hour or so until bedtime. And I will say then "they will be done in the morning and you can have some at breakfast time!" "Yayyyyyyy!" The great thing is we can have cookies for breakfast because they're so healthy!
We also whipped up some raw "cheez-its" (vegan but taste amazingly like cheddar cheese!) and raw onion bread. (this one takes two long days of waiting for it to dehydrate until you can savor that oniony flavor!) Do we learn patience around here? Yes!

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Okay we'll be over in a couple of days then when they're ready!
Wow your girl is looking so big!