Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween my favorite "Holiday"!

I'm one of those do it yourself kind of women. Halloween to me is all about getting crafty and making costumes so you can jump into a fantasy for an evening (or a week!). Time is short around here so I had to focus on A.-girl's costume of course. I made a point of asking her way ahead of time what she would like to be for Halloween. The instant answer was "A tree!" Hmmmm, a tree, how the heck am I going to do that? It was fun going shopping for the supplies. A lot of felt, some little craft apples, a few blocks of floral oasis, some silk leaves, velcro and hot glue (love velcro and hot glue, they make life simple and fast!) and I thought I had it all figured out. After staying up most of one night making the "tree top" I was so excited for A. to try it out. WHAT a DISASTER! It was so huge and wouldn't stay on her head- poor thing! In order to prepare her for having to wear a head-piece I kept saying that "it'll be just like wearing your bike helmet." Then it hit me, buy a cheap bike helmet and stick the branches in it! Oh, what a life saver! I took all of 1/2 hour to redo her tree top head-piece complete with perching bird. I'm so proud of her, she wore it for over an hour at a halloween party and for 3! hours at another halloween event. If this sounds like I'm tooting my own horn then " toot toot" because it was a geat success! People even wanted to pose for pictures with her, it as so cute and hilarious at the same time. The funniest thing was she let them!
Happy little apple cheeked apple tree!


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