Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're coming back!!!!

I'm so excited to officially type here that I'M COMING BACK TO BLOGGING!!! I won't get into all that has happened in the last year or so YET but big changes have occurred (not all wonderful, but certainly educational). Just sitting down and writing these words has suddenly transformed me. I'm filled with new hope, energy and excitement! I can't wait to share with you, but first I have to get home to my family (A. and I are visiting her Mama and Papa (my inlaws)). I will also sit down and think about what I want this new blog to incorporate. I miss the close connection to my daughter's ongoing development, how she learns and what fuels her passions. I miss the blogging community of amazing moms and their heartfelt drive to give every opportunity they can to their children's growth in all areas of life. I also miss myself, as a productive, giving, loving and dynamic woman who has the time to see, really see her family which then fills my being with such gratitude and overwhelming love and in turn allows me to give myself fully to them. AAAAAhhhhhh, big sigh! Be seeing you soon!


about a girl said...

Woohoo! About darn time LOL!

Anne said...

Welcome back! I was wondering about you!

Mommy to the Princesses said...

Welcome back! Just saw your post at the Yahoo forums and I am really excited to connect with another from the mommy blog world! I am going to keep busy this evening reading through all the posts in your blog!